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These videos -- filled with words of encouragement from our nation’s Medal of Honor recipients -- are intended to be shared in communities throughout the country.

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Ideas for use:

  • News media
  • Military leadership
  • Blogs & Web sites
    Please use the embedded code (found at the bottom of the player in each video: "Get Code") to place the videos, with compelling post-traumatic stress messages of support, on your site.

Attention Media and Other Organizations: Help us share the encouraging words of our nation’s Medal of Honor recipients. Spread the words of Medal of Honor Recipient Jack Jacobs, Captain, U.S. Army, Vietnam: “The tools and the resources are here now. Make use of them. Stay strong. Don’t let the enemy defeat you at home.” Jacobs and other recipient’s open and honest sentiments may just be the words of encouragement a struggling Service member needs to hear.

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